Witch’s Brew

This local legend comes out every October. Our Witch’s Brew is a complex blend of apples and dragon’s blood perfect for a spellbinding Halloween party or to pair with an early fall dinner.


Our Vintage cider is made with a heavy dose of juice from our bittersweet apples like Tremlett’s Bitter, Bulmer’s Norman, Stembridge Cluster, and Dabinett. It has a strong tannic finish that particularly appeals to cider aficionados. It is off dry and lightly...

Sweet Autumn

Pale sunshine in color, this cider is a blend of apples and maple syrup. Just like pie filling, the tart apple front is balanced by the warm, rich maple finish. The perfect balance of sweetness lingers on the tongue with a hint fine astringency on the back of the...


A sophisticated take on an old English classic, our Scrumpy is a strong, bold cider that is sure to make a statement. Traditionally marked as a rough, cloudy, and strong cider, we have left Scrumpy with a healthy dose of sediment to bring in a cloudy character, great...


This sparkling cider is aged in rye whisky barrels. The spritely Rio features a hint our classic tart apple on the front with the smooth honey tones of the rye whisky. Subtle oak bubbles along on the finish.


Every year we have a few batches of cider that are apple blends of limited quantity. Each batch is different but we assure you that it is a delicious blend that may include any number of specialty apples we grow. Our current Limited is made from Hewes, aka Virginia...