The beautiful Fall weather has finally arrived and the orchard and surrounding mountains are showing some beautiful Fall colors. This past weekend was our last “pick your own” for the season as most of the apples have now been collected.

A great article in last Friday’s Washington Post brought many people our for apples and cider tasting:

Oct 2016 Washington Post

While the crowds cleaned us out of several apple varieties, we still have 16 in the sales room this weekend and a few more to come. The list includes:

  • Pittsmaston-Pineapple


    Ashmead’s Kernel

  • Roxbury Russet
  • Golden Russet
  • Grimes Golden
  • Pittmaston Pineapple
  • Liberty
  • Shizuka
  • Zestar
  • Sundance
  • Snowsweet
  • Brown’s Apple
  • Bramley’s Seedling
  • Winesap
  • Lady
  • Goldrush
  • Arkansas

Hope to see you soon!