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Distillery Lane Ciderworks was featured on  in December 2018.

Welcome to hard cider culture, a creative new genre comprised of folks who are bringing back tradition with a carefully handcrafted skill. Like craft beer, hard cider—brewed with cultivated yeast (yeast that is grown in cultures for purposes such as brewing) and with skillful attention to a few key elements (terroir, sugar content, acidity, and tannin levels)—is experiencing a huge resurgence.

Odd perhaps, but true, it is a less palatable apple with its high tannins, bitter sharpness, and a hard texture that is ideal for this incredibly sought-after popular drink. Indeed, hard ciders invite the adventurous exploration one might pursue with wine varietals. Once challenging to find, the intriguing new hard ciders are becoming more popular in liquor stores, bars, and restaurants.