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the night applela Mela della Notte – or “The Night Apple” is a pommeau-style cider highlighting complex apples that are sweet and rich in tannins. By picking the apples at night when chilled, the resulting cider has vibrant acidity and is fruit forward and elegantly balanced. To produce la Mela the cidery pressed Kingston Black, Roxbury Russet, and other cider apples for a blend of juice bursting in flavors. The freshly blended juice was then fermented, and aged for two years.

DLC used brandy distilled from their own cider at DC’s Cotton & Reed Distillery to yield a 19% ABV finished Pommeau. Perfect for after dinner sipping or pairing with cheeses, this cider highlights complex fruit, notes of earth and minerals, and a smooth and rich with a uniquely lively character.