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GoldrushThis will be the last weekend (October 25/26) for “pick-your-own apples” for this season. The weather forecast looks fantastic and the leaves are showing nice colors so come out for a day in the country to pick apples and try our ciders.

We will have the tart “GoldRush” and “Winesaps” for picking, plus there are still a few Splendour and Liberty apples available to pick.

We have many apples in the coolers for sale including the prized “Bramley’s Seedling” pie apples! Just two of these huge apples are all you need to make a pie!

Other apples available include:

Sundance (just picked this week, crisp and sweet/tart)
Caville Blanc
Roxbury Russet
Golden Russet
Ashmeads Kernel
Rhode Island greening
Grimes Golden
Browns apple
Red Gravenstein

All apples are $1.99/lb (mix and match) with the exception of the Bramley’s, which are $2.99/lb